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School's Out Hackathon

Apps for Aptitude is planning something big...REALLY BIG. The School's Out Hackathon to be held from June 13th-14th at Rackspace in San Antonio, Texas. Join hundreds of high schoolers as they create in the largest hackathon of its kind. Programmers and beginners are welcome and best of all, it's free. Join us for cash prizes, free t-shirts, lectures, and workshops at our hackathon.

Cards for A Cause

One of the major problems facing students today is a way to have study materials available on the go. Apps for Aptitude has a solution.

We wanted to make sure that users could have access to a multitude of flashcards that will range from advanced mathematics to basic English concepts to SAT vocabulary guides. Cards for a Cause brings millions of flashcards to your mobile device with the simple touch of a button. It's Simple, Clean, and Efficient.

The revenue generated from this application will be donated to programs fighting illiteracy in San Antonio, increasing education for everyone.

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Apps for Aptitude LOFT Innovation Winners

Apps for Aptitude was one of the lucky winners of the 2013 LOFT innovation grant for $1000. In addition, the LOFT foundation sponsored an AFA team member, Mia Benavidez, to fly out to Washington and meet with several influential politicians over the course of three days.

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Apps for Aptitude CreateHS October Challenge Winners

Co-Founders Abhinav Suri and Joshua Singer created a website for the CreateHS October Challenge. Out of many entries in this national competition, our Learn HTML website took first prize. The website teaches the basics of HTML programming and allows people to get started learning code.

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Apps for Aptitude Awesome Foundation Grant Winners!

Apps for Aptitude won the Awesome Foundation $1,000 grant. AFA Representative Alejandro Juul accepted the award on behalf of the AFA team. He commented “It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what part of the city you live in, you can learn to code.” The money will be used to promote AFA's new application called Cards for a Cause.

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