7 Kinds of Martial Arts from Indonesia, Has Been Around Since the Dutch Age


Martial arts is a sport that is used to defend and defend oneself against threats that come from outside or other people. Understanding self-defense in general is the use of various methods carried out by humans with the aim of defending themselves from enemy attacks. This is important if you are facing a dangerous situation, such as robbery, mugging, bullying or other negative things that threaten your safety.

Martial arts is a sport that is quite popular in the world. There are many types of martial arts originating from various countries. But did you know that Indonesia also has martial arts? Not only pencak silat, but there are still many self-defense sports that are characteristic in various regions in Indonesia. The following is a review of martial arts originating from Indonesia which was reported from various sources:

1. Pencak Silat

Pencak Silat is the most popular type of martial arts from Indonesia. This martial art originates from the culture of the Malay tribe and was founded in 1550. Pencak Silat is well known for its attacks using strength and agility techniques as well as the power of body intelligence.

Pencak Silat is a martial art that is also used in national defense training. This martial art is feared by other countries because it is famous for its inner strength which is often shown in immune attractions. Therefore, pencak silat is also often used in the education system of the police and Kopassus or TNI.

Not only in the country, but Pencak Silat already exists in other countries, you know. The official organization of the International Pencak Silat Alliance (PERSILAT) noted that there were already 33 pencak silat organizations spread all over the world. Pencak silat is also an official sport that is competed in the SEA Games. Now, PERSILAT is promoting pencak silat to several countries on five continents with the hope of making pencak silat a sport in the Olympics.

2. Silek Minangkabau

This martial sport originated from Minangkabau. The Minangkabau community, West Sumatra, is known for the habit of wandering since hundreds of years ago. For this reason, they must also have the ability to defend themselves in case of unwanted things while wandering. That’s where Silek Minangkabau was born.

The word silek is a combat art movement that is used to defend oneself from enemy attacks, so that movements are attempted as little as possible, quickly, precisely, with the intention of paralyzing the opponent.

This type of martial arts has been passed down from generation to generation. Silek Minangkabau for Minang people is an identity that is inherent in their daily lives. Because of its nature for self-defense, there is a rule in silek not to attack dangerous parts of the opponent’s body. This martial sport also implies that those who master silek well must have high patience because learning this martial art is not easy.

3. Bakti Negara

In Bali there is a school of pencak silat called Bakti Negara. Bakti Negara is a self-defense sport that is guided by the teachings of the Balinese Hindu Dharma, namely Tri Hita Karana. This martial sport was born on January 31, 1955 due to the arrival of the Dutch colonialists at that time who wanted to rule. Bakti Negara was founded in Banjar Kaliungu Kaja, Denpasar, Bali.

It was initiated and founded by four former Indonesian freedom fighters, namely Anak Agung Rai Tokir, I Bagus Made Rai Keplag, Anak Agung Meranggi, Sri Empu Dwi Tantra, and Ida Bagus Oka Dewangkara. Before being named Bakti Negara, this martial art had various names in Indonesia before 1948.

In Bali, for example, Balinese elders call Tengklung. While in Central Java it is called Pencak, in West Java it is called Mainpo, and in Sumatra it is called Silek. During the colonial period, self-defense was taught as a camouflage in the form of art, because the Dutch were aware that pencak silat could foster a sense of nationalism that could oppose and threaten the existence of the Dutch.

4. Tarung Derajat

Just like pencak silat, Tarung Derajat is also a self-defense sport from Indonesia which has been officially competed in the SEA Games since 2013. Tarungdegree is a self-defense sport that uses full-body contact and the development of the technique is carried out through the experience of its founder, Achmad Derajat, from fighting on the streets of Bandung in the 1960s.

Tarung Drajat was first created by Achmad Drajad in the 1960s in Bandung. This martial arts technique he developed from his experience fighting on the streets. His self-defense technique uses full body contact, aka using full body parts.

In 1998, Tarung Derajat officially became a national sport and was used for basic training for the Indonesian Army. This martial art emphasizes aggressive attacks in hitting and kicking, as well as various slamming, locking and sweeping techniques. This martial arts has now also become a sport at the 2013 Sea Games.

5. Merpati Putih

Merpati Putih is one of the martial arts colleges in Indonesia that teaches its members barehanded martial arts. Merpati Putih is said to have developed since around the 1550s and is referred to as one of the martial arts that belongs to the category of Indonesian homeland culture.

The name Merpati Putih is actually an abbreviation in Javanese, namely Mersudi Patitising Tindak Pusakane Titising Hening which means to seek until you get the truth with calm. From the name, it is hoped that Merpati Putih members can harmonize their hearts and minds in every action. While some martial arts promote agility in the use of weapons, Merpati Putih further sharpens the ability of human power with breathing techniques.

In addition to being a member of PERSILAT, Merpati Putih is also a member of the All-Indonesian Pencak Silat Association (IPSI) and the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace (MAFWP).

6. Cimande

Cimande is a type of self-defense sport that was first created by a Kyai named Mbah Kahir. This martial sport has been known in Indonesia since the 1760s. Cimande is known for some deadly moves in introducing attractions and in fierce battles in some areas because it is considered a deadly pencak silat.

This Cimande martial art is also the most respected type of pencak silat from other pencak silat schools.

7. Perisai Diri

Perisai Diri is a self-defense sports organization that is a member of several official parent organizations of pencak silat. This martial sport has earned the title as a self-defense that is in great demand by children and adults.

Perisai Diri is one of ten martial arts schools that received the title of Historical College because it has played a major role in the history of the formation of the Indonesian Pencak Silat Association (IPSI). Perisai Diri was founded on July 2, 1955 in Surabaya by RM Soebandiman Dirdjoatmodjo, the son of a nobleman from the Paku Alam Palace. The silat technique in Perisai Diri contains 156 silat styles from various regions in Indonesia as well as the Shaolin flow from China. Pesilats will be taught effective self-defense techniques with bare hands and weapons.

Written on November 26, 2021