7 Exercises To Shrink Thighs That Are Easy To Do


Everyone, especially women, would want to have slim thighs. Slim thighs do make you look better, especially when wearing skinny pants. The slim thigh size also allows the body to move more freely.

But unfortunately, the thigh is one area of the body that is ‘preferred’ by fat. This happens because estrogen has a tendency to accumulate fat around the thighs, hips, and pelvis, while testosterone prefers the abdomen. This is one of the main reasons why it is difficult to burn fat and shrink thighs.

But so that the legs do not become too thin, then the exercise must consist of a combination of lifting weights and cardio. Immediately after exercising, the body is advised to eat lots of protein to build muscle because weight training makes the whole body (not just the thighs) lose muscle mass.

Now, what are some exercises to burn weak in the thighs? Here are some types of exercise to shrink on that are easy to do.

  1. Treadmill (running) When you run on a treadmill, it means you are doing an effective cardio workout to burn excess fat while increasing muscle mass. In practice later, adjust and increase the incline level gradually. The reason is because, the greater the incline, the greater the strength of the hamstring and hip muscles.

Treadmill or running is an effective type of exercise to reduce thighs

Another alternative if there is no treadmill is to run regularly. Do it for 15 minutes at first, then gradually increase the duration.

  1. Squat (squat) The existence of a toilet seat in modern times now makes us less likely to squat. Though this movement can shrink the thigh you know. Therefore, do not forget to involve the action of squats when doing sports to shrink the thighs.

To do this, stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower the body while bending both knees, try to transfer the weight of the body onto the legs. Extend your arms parallel to your knees for balance. Straighten your back, then count from 0-8 before returning to the starting position.

Do this exercise to shrink thighs 6-8 times every day, depending on your body’s resistance. Most importantly, don’t overdo it.

  1. Cycling Yes, cycling is indeed an activity that uses a lot of lower body muscles such as thighs, legs, buttocks, and hips. So if you have a bicycle and the office location is quite affordable for him, then use the moment of commuting to work as an exercise to shrink your thighs.

Besides being healthy, cycling can also slim your thighs

If the surrounding streets are not considered safe or comfortable enough, then a silent bicycle can also be used. Although you need to spend more to buy it.

  1. Lunge (ambush) Who would have thought that one of the poses in this yoga can also shrink the thighs?! To do this, first stand straight and bend your knees slightly. Step forward with your right leg, bending it while leaning forward so that your entire body weight is concentrated on the front leg. Let the left leg behind you relax.

Hold this position for a count of 8 times before switching to the other leg. Start this exercise with 3 sets (1 set consisting of the right and left legs), then gradually increase the frequency.

  1. Knee-plank To do the knee-plank, let’s start with the table pose as in yoga. Next, stretch your left leg straight back (make sure your toes are pointing at the ceiling) while extending your right arm so that it’s parallel to the floor. After that, move the left leg to bend in under the body so that it is close to the shoulder, repeat 5-6 times. Also apply to the other leg.

  2. Raise your leg and hold it This type of exercise to shrink the thighs that we last discussed is suitable for those of you who are very busy. If you don’t have time to go to the gym or exercise at home, you can do it in bed before going to bed.

Not only to shrink the thighs, this exercise can also streamline the stomach

The method is very easy, you just lie on your back with the position of both arms by your side. Then lift both legs that are straight and close together to form a 45’ angle. Hold that leg position for a count of 8, then lower and relax. Later when you get used to it, lift your legs longer. Start with 6 exercises, and slowly increase the frequency. Not only can you shrink your thighs, this movement can also streamline your stomach. Fun right?!

What is clear, keep an eye on your diet when doing sports to shrink your thighs. In addition, be patient because it always takes a process and also time if you want to see the results. Do not also give up or stop in the middle of the road because if so, all the efforts you have done so far will be in vain.

This article is for health information only, not a medical diagnosis. We recommend that you continue to consult directly with doctors who are experts in their fields.

Written on November 26, 2021