4 Outdoor Cardio Exercises And Tips For Safe Exercise During A Pandemic


Cardio exercise is indeed needed to maintain a healthy body and lungs, especially in the current season of the spread of the virus. No wonder the public was very excited when the first Sudirman-Thamrin Car Free Day (CFD) was reopened after the end of the PSBB.

Some flocked to ‘ride’ by bicycle, some ran and walked. As a result, the streets become congested and people fail to practice physical distancing.

It’s true, after staying at home for 3-4 months it feels boring at home. Workouts at home that are done online are no longer as exciting as sweating in the sun and fresh air.

But if everyone chooses to join CFD, then physical distancing can’t be applied, right? Even though the government has relaxed the regulations, it doesn’t mean we are free from the responsibility of this mandatory health protocol, right?

If you really want to do cardio, there are lots of options that you can do outdoors.

Check out some of these sports and tips for doing outdoor sports!

Outdoor Cardio Sports for You to Try. Run Around the House. If the goal is for sports, you don’t need to come to the field or CFD. Running around the house is fun too! No need to run for too long, you can run with a combination of fast and slow intervals.

For example, while running, jog for 10 seconds and sprint for 20 seconds. Repeat 4 times and then walk for 1 minute.

Running at this interval and intensity is faster at burning calories and can train the lungs efficiently. Running like this can help you burn calories even after you’re done exercising.

You can choose workouts based on duration or distance traveled. If your environment doesn’t allow it, you can go to a sports arena or stadium.

Always do sports with a mask and a safe distance. (Photo: Shutterstock) Most importantly, choose a route that is safe and not crowded. Running requires strong breathing, so you can’t wear a mask throughout your workout. When you run into neighbors, just put on your mask!

Bicycle. We are sure that you are starting to realize that everyone is starting to cycle now. Although there are many other sports that can be done, many choose cycling because they are bored at home.

Cycling outdoors is indeed more challenging than exercising on a stationary bike at home.

This cardio exercise also trains your balance, reflexes, and sensory alertness.

Use a mask when cycling. (Photo: Shutterstock) Tips for safety for those of you who want to cycle: always use the lane that has been provided, which is on the left. Use complete safety, starting from helmets, elbow pads, special shoes, masks, and even face shields.

Determine your destination and route before you start so you don’t have to stop on the road too much because you’re confused. You can invite your family members! Remember, when resting on the road, keep doing physical distancing.

Up and Down the Stairs. Home environment does not allow for running or cycling? Try to go to the nearest city park, then look for the stairs. Going up and down stairs can be a great choice of cardio exercise to train your thigh and butt muscles!

Breathing fresh air can reduce stress! (Photo: Shutterstock)Think of it like you’re using a stair mill at the gym! It’s easy, you can do a sprint when you go up the stairs to the top, and go down on foot.

If the stairs are only a few steps, you can go up and down quickly for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. Repeat for up to 6 sets. If done correctly, this exercise only takes less than 30 minutes.

Swimming. Swimming is still a matter of debate from experts, but according to Angela Rasmussen, a virologist from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health in an article in the New York Times, the corona virus cannot be transmitted through water (not waterborne). The content of chlorine and bromine in swimming pools can inactivate the virus if the virus enters the water.

Actually swimming is quite safe, really. What’s not safe is when you touch chairs and tables in the pool without washing your hands afterward. As long as you keep clean and keep your distance in the locker room, swimming is quite safe to try.

Remember, the risk of transmission is even higher when you are indoors such as a cafe or locker room without maintaining physical boundaries. The risk is even less if you choose to swim in a pool that is not open to the public, such as an apartment or hotel pool.

Tips for Exercising Outdoors During a Pandemic. It’s not forbidden to do cardio outdoors, but you have to be extra careful! Here are health safety tips that you can apply during exercise.

Masks are Mandatory! Feel the positive energy of the sun’s rays! (Photo: Shutterstock) Maybe you can’t wear a mask while swimming. However, when doing sports running or cycling, you are still required to wear a mask. When running and need to breathe intensely, take off your mask for a moment.

Later when you jog or walk in the resting phase, use the mask again, okay? Choose a hairstyle that is comfortable for you to wear a mask on, so that it will keep you confident!

Use Face Shield. It’s even safer if you also use a protector such as a face shield. Now many are selling face shields from mica glass at low prices, comfortable and can be used many times.

Keep in mind that a face shield is not a substitute for a mask, right! The potential for the spread of the virus from droplets is still there even if you use a face shield. For that, don’t skip using a mask.

Define Safe Distance. Even though we’ve chosen the route that is the most desolate from humans, we still can’t avoid the crowds.

If you are exercising at the gym, dodge immediately when you run into a group of people. Find a space or route that is not too crowded. Take a little break from the person running in front of you to stay safe.

Tie your hair or use a head covering. Doing hair is a big no! Indeed, hair can not transmit the virus. But when the hair is loose, we have more tendency to fix it, keep it from blocking the view.

As a result, we inevitably touch our faces, touch our noses, eyes, or even our mouths.

We recommend that you tie your hair or style it in a safe hairstyle such as a braid. You can also use a head covering such as a turban or hat to reduce distraction from windblown and unruly hair.

Wash with Anti-Bacterial Shampoo. Exercising at home and outdoors is definitely different. Even though the air is fresher, you have to be prepared for a variety of dust, dirt and bacteria that threaten the health of your hair. After every workout, use an anti-bacterial shampoo like CLEAR Fresh Cool Lemon Shampoo, come on!

Its advanced content can help fight bacteria that cause dandruff, limp, and hair loss. Healthy scalp even if you are actively exercising outdoors all day!

Don’t be afraid to do cardio outdoors, okay? Besides being more refreshing for the eyes, sunlight is also a good vitamin D for the body. Always do the tips above to stay safe!

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Written on November 26, 2021