You have never studied this way before.

Cards for a Cause is a new Flashcard study application, introducing a novel way to bring flashcards to the modern age. No longer will you have to carry around stacks of flashcards; now it can just be on any of your iOS devices, ready to go anywhere. Featuring a sleek UI, Quizlet integration, proven memory algorithms, and user editable decks we have made one of most advanced flashcard applications ever to ensure the optimal studying environment for the average user.
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Sleek UI

The new version of iOS introduced a brand new User Interface (UI), designed to make the user experience a whole new flat and modern mobile environment. While some apps are still left in the days of iOS 6, we have embraced the new UI and have tailored the app specifically to the design of the new system to ensure the best experience for the user.
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When deciding where to get our flashcards from, we had to take into account the wide expanse of subjects users would be studying. Additionally, we didn't want to put a burden on the user to create cards on a device, as this can be time-consuming in the life of the efficient student. So why not use Quizlet, one of the world's largest flashcard databases with over 20 million sets available. Users can access previously existing flashcard sets on the quizlet database or even search for their own cards, all just by doing a quick search on our app.
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Smart Study

Using the latest advancements in spaced repetition algorithm learning, we ensure a productive study environment. Whether it is cramming a night before a test or studying for a final, the tools we have implemented help you revise material you are uncomfortable with quickly and easily. Just tap thumbs up if you get it and thumbs sideways or thumbs down if you don't get it. Our algorithms take this information into account and show cards you are uncomfortable with more frequently until you indicate you get it.
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The main purpose of this app is to raise money for our non-profit organization called Apps for Aptitude. We are a 501c3 nonprofit based in San Antonio, Texas dedicated to fighting illiteracy, both verbal and technological. The funds generated from the sales of this app will go towards funding book drives to be held across the greater San Antonio school district and to San Antonio Youth Literacy, another nonprofit which encourages volunteers to help struggling elementary school children up to the second grade. To learn more about Apps for Aptitude, visit our website or like and follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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We are aiming for a release date of January, 2014. However, you can sign up for our subscription service to get notified when it comes out. We promise we won't spam. Also be sure to like our facebook and follow us on twitter to get updates.

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